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jeudi 30 novembre 2017

"The White Lady" of Figanières

" The White Lady "

Manu's testimony
(Professional Fireman and EVP practitioner)

The story I am about to tell you happened in 1988 when I was in the army stationed at Canjuers in the Var

It was night time. I went to St. Raphael with a friend for the evening.
The incident took place as we were making our way back to the base on a motorcycle afterward.

We were about 300 m outside Figanières when we saw a bright light shining up ahead, Past the crossroads over the rise, we thought it was a streetlight, but as I approached, I saw that this light came from a woman dressed in a long nightgown that walked along the road.

The light that surrounded her was so bright, that she looked white, the only color was her shoulder-length red hair.

It was such a strange sight, that we slowed down to her level, until we were about a meter away from her.
But, she did not turn her head and seemed not even to notice our presence. It was like she couldn't see us.

I would say she was in her 40‘s, about 5’5’’ (1m65) tall.
Her hair seemed as freshly brushed.

Her eyes were, vague and empty, totally without expression and her face was like dead, that's the only way I can describe it.

And before our eyes, she vanished!

Amazed! I turned to my friend and said, « Did you see that? »
He confirmed that he had.

This event made a lasting impression on me, and I still remember it vividly just like it was yesterday.

Over the years, I have always reminded myself of this "Dame Blanche" and in a certain way, it has changed the way I see things in my own life.

Fearing ridicule, I never told anyone, except my parents.

Then, a few years ago, during a dinner with friends including one of them whom lived in the Var, I approached this subject by saying, « I hope you won’t think I’m mad, but I think I saw the ghost of a woman in a nightgown in the Var » and he immediately retorted: « Was it near Figanières ? »

Quite surprised, I confirmed to him that it was, and he told me that I was not the only person to have seen her and that the apparition of the "White Lady" is pretty well known in and around Figanières.

Manu Delpech 
Thanks to Manu for his testimony

Translation : L.R.Béranger

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